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"Il Buon cibo è l'unico piacere dei sensi di cui si può godere tre volte al giorno" (W.F. Buckley Jr.)

Bruschetta, panzanella

Minestrone with chopped mixed vegetables and pieces of toasted bread; pasta with beans or chick-peas; beans’ soup flavoured with flowers and seeds of fennel and served with olive oil;
The well-known soup “Cavolicchi”, Velletri’s dish, with cabbage and stockfish. The stockfish is boiled together with other vegetables. It is served on a slice of bread adding olive oil.

Fettucine, hand-made noodles served with a tomato sauce with pieces of chicken’s liver or edible boleti; spaghetti “all’arrabbiata”, with pecorino and pepper; bucatini all’amatriciana; boiled spaghetti sauté with garlic, oil, capsicum and parsley or served with a mushrooms’ sauce; rigatoni with “paiata” (the dialectal word “paiata” means the cow’s duodenum eaten with its chyme, that is very appetizing); polenta and sausages or pork; gnocchi of potatoes served with ragout and parmigiano or pecorino, a dish common to all the Castelli Romani’s towns.

Roasted spring lamb with potatoes or barbecued lamb’s cutlets; chicken with pepperoni; chicken “alla diavola”, a chicken fried in a frying-pan, pressed by a load, generally flavoured with pepper; cow’s tail “alla vaccinara”; porchetta (roasted pork flavoured with herbs).
Snails of San Giovanni: a dish usually eaten the night of San Giovanni, celebrated in almost all of the Castelli Romani’s towns. According to the legend during this night (24 June) two witches, that wanted the head of San Giovanni, fly over the San Giovanni’s Basilica in Rome, and while waiting for these two witches people eat snails. Pluck; roasted game (Genzano is famous for the preparation of this dish).
It is worth mentioning the Ariccia’s typical dish: the Porchetta; this is a whole pork without entrails roasted and flavoured with herbs (fennel, rosemary and garlic). Usually it is served as hours-d’oeuvre, and to fill roll).

Vegetables in “cazzimperio” (the “cazzimperio” is a sauce of oil, salt, pepper, artichokes, celery, radishes and cardoons); white or red beans sauté in a tomato sauce with; puntarelle served with a sauce of garlic and salted anchovies; broccoli; vignarola (artichokes, peas, broad beans sauté with bacon); boiled chicory sauté with garlic and capsicum; Mushrooms: the dishes prepared with mushrooms are very ancient and common in the Colli Albani’s area, where you can find: edible boletus, ovules, and other varieties. The two ancient roman writers Plinio and Orazio speak of these dishes in their writings.
It is worth mentioning the production of broccoli, and the dishes prepared with this vegetable are very delicious: broccoli attufati, fried broccoli, broccoli’s soup with pasta.
A typical dishes of Velletri are: artichokes “alla matticella” (artichokes roasted under charcoal) and the zucchini “alla velletrana” (roasted floured slices of zucchini flavoured with rosemary and garlic).

Panpepato and Pangiallo; apples fried in batter; “fave da morto” or “fave dolci”, biscuits prepared for the celebration of the All Souls’ Day. In the past these biscuits were eaten at the end of the Mass during the last day of November and offered to people and members of the “Compagnia della Buona Morte”, a religious association.

Rolls or Loafs. Genzano’s production is of the DOP type.

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