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Church of Santa Maria dell'Assunta

Construction's age
15th century

Location Umberto I

the church is open during the Mass celebrations and on Sunday. Phone number 06 94 70 100

cross via Roma and via Lazio, and follow the road signs to the Town Hall. Park in Zanardelli, that is near to Umberto I

Accessibility for Handicapped

Tourist signs
with tourist information

Guided visits
the church can be visited within a guided tour of the town. For information call the phone number 06 942841

the public library has guides and booklets on the town's history, via A. Moro, 9 phone number 06 94703020
The Church of Santa Maria dell'Assunta
The church of Santa Maria dell'Assunta is near the baronial palace, in the place where probably in the past there was a church of the palace. This new church built by the Savelli Family, was consecrated both to the Assunta and San Rocco in 1464 by the cardinal Bessarione. The bright interior consists of a nave and two aisles and vaults supported by a double series of octagonal peperino columns with capitals decorated with leaves. The church's size expressed in metres corresponds to: 14.95 x 21.16 x 9.66. Its actual form is the result of several restoration works made during the centuries, which transformed its structure and its size. The only original part is the portal. In 1912 Monsignor Francesco Giacci ordered the addition of the transept and a new fresco representing the Madonna's Assumption for the apse's bowl-shaped vault, covering the previous frescos by the artist Arnaldo Mecozzi.

The interior is decorated with several modern works among which, a frescoed graffito design painted by the Capuchin friar P. Ugolino da Belluno.

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